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Signs of Life: Part 16

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some, from the US Virgin Island of St. Croix.


I had never seen the term well drink. However, Wikipedia was able to enlighten me, by saying, "A well drink or rail drink is an alcoholic beverage served using the lower-cost liquors stored within easy reach of the bartender in the counter 'speed rail' or well."


A chalkboard outside a restaurant on the waterfront of Christiansted.

The first wish is "Eat blueberry ice cream". The second is, "Meet [an] angel in a white bikini".


I never did learn just what Nate was angry about. Hopefully, not his customers.


It's not everyday one sees an airport for seaplanes. This one in Christiansted had regular flights to and from neighboring islands. I stopped by to watch some planes land and takoff. (I have experienced it myself, from both a river and a lake.)

And, just in case you were wondering, Captain Ovesen was a local pilot, who died when his twin engine propeller aircraft crashed into a car dealership in Puerto Rico while he was flying a chartered medical evacuation.


A sticker on a vehicle at the seaplane terminal. I never did quite figure out just what the driver's point was. Perhaps people had way too much luggage!


A clothing shop for small wonders; children, that is!


Amen to that!


An Italian restaurant in Christiansted.


And she should know!


The best-decorated tractor on the whole island.

A vacant block in Christiansted. I say vacant, but I couldn't really be sure what was under there!

And this was only a week after they'd cut the grass! Things sure do grow quickly down there in the tropics.


While the word savant has various meanings, the one that I thought of was (from Wikipedia), "Savant syndrome is a condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average." That begged the question as to where the non-savants parked.

Actually, it's the name of a restaurant.


Let me see if I understand this. You buy a ticket in the lottery in the hopes of winning, so you can afford to go to a Caribbean Island Paradise. But aren't you already there? Perhaps even the losers feel like winners!


I'm all for some seclusion by the sea.


Well I waited outside the entrance to this gated community, and I waited some more, but I never did get an invitation. Perhaps prosperity isn't available to everyone!


A sign outside a nice house. It looked like Willie had gotten what he wished for in a place to retire, except perhaps for the occasional hurricane.


OK, folks; step up and learn how to dive in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. And don't worry about the sharks, jelly fish, jagged coral, and the hundred of other things that can hurt or kill you, we know CPR!

I couldn't help but feel that the bottom sign took some of the attraction out of the top one.