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Signs of Life: Part 28

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some, mostly from a trip to several states in eastern Germany.


When I saw this coffee mug on the shelf at a thrift shop, I just had to have it! Interestingly, every time I use it, I think of a particular woman friend, who I can imagine saying that!


The two sides of the placard to put on the outside doorknob of my room at my favorite place to stay in Prague: K+K Hotel Central


There I was minding my own business in a First-Class Euro-City train carriage going from Prague to Berlin, when I looked up to see that we were quitely racing along at 100 miles per hour! And, at times, we went even faster!


I was touring the Baltic Sea island Usedom heading for the famous Army test site at Peenemunde, where the German rocket research and testing went on, which resulted in the infamous V1 buzz-bomb and V2 rocket. I spent 90 minutes touring the museum and walking around the power station and grounds.


A few of the many thousands of coffee pots this place on Usedom had on display.

(Like most Europeans, Germans use "." as the thousands separator in numbers, and "," for the decimal point!)


Problem (the same in German and English):

Lösung (solution)

And, yes, the German equivalent to "blah" is indeed "bla." Those foreigners have words for everything!


A home without a cat is just a house!


"Try not to hurt yourself. Do not slide in rain or snow."


At "Karls" farmers' market on Usedom, where there were lots of activities for kids, including a tractor ride and a very long slide, all at no charge. I slid down the slide on a coconut-fiber mat. Interestingly, at the entrance to the slide was this sign. It was good to see that people had to take reasonability for their own (possibly stupid) actions without suing someone; what an idea!


"Flower dream": The flower shop Britta dreamed of owning every since she was a little girl.


Kleider = clothes; Kleiderbox = wardrobe. So a drop-off place for unwanted clothes.


I was quite amused by this menu in a German steakhouse. And, yes, I ate there, treating my friend, Belinda, for her 50th birthday. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Belinda!

Hühnchennuggets = chicken nuggets

I am not familiar with what they eat in Kentucky, but the claim here is "onion rings, mozzarella cheese sticks, deep-fried steak fingers (baked strips of beef with spicy steak sauce), grilled corn-on-the-cob, garlic dip and sweet chili sauce." Das schmeckt sehr gut!


If you ever wondered what happened to Rapunzel, apparently, she really let her hair down and started one of the leading organic food producers in Europe!

"We lead: Rapunzel"


The "Blossom Magic" flower shop.

(Not to be confused with Blutenzauber, without the umlaut, which means Bleeding spells.)


Homemade Smoothies!

Green Smoothie: Lamb's lettuce, banana, and apple.

Power Ranger: Carrot, ginger, and orange.

Tweety: Freshly squeezed orange juice.


Sign outside a bakery: "I am not allowed in!" How can man discriminate aginst his best friend?

Many shops in Europe have a wall-mounted fixture outside to which one can tie a dog's leash. Some also have water bowls.


A fastfood chain in northeastern Germany. This one just happened to be in the city of Neubrandenburg, which, of course, means "New Brandenburg!" Clever name, hey!


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  • Gerard

    6/24/2022 5:31:11 AM | Reply

    I remember you in Dutch 'snack bar' ordering slagroom.