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Signs of Life: Part 27

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some from a trip to Frederick, Maryland, USA, during an ice-storm in January!


After some jerking and jiving, you can sample the jerked chicken.


Sweet words from that great philospher, Winnie the Pooh.


There we were, dancing cheek to cheek among the clothes racks!


I don't actualy know how good a housekeeper a squirrel might make, but I'll take the company's word that this is a positive association.

BTW, did you know that a squirrel's nest is called a drey?


An artsy sign on a restaurant that has food for the discriminating palate.


I like spicy Mexican food, but if the expression on the skull is anything to go by, this place has it way too hot!


What looks like an inocent sign at a produce market actually turns out to be a take-off of the Bremen Town Musicians: a rooster atop a cat, on a dog, on a donkey, from the Brothers Grim fairy tale.


Does she or doesn't she? Perhaps we'll never know!


I went looking for this place but when I got to the address, it wasn't there!


While this was indeed an auto repair place, it was a non-profit one intended to "Provide Low-Cost Reliable Transportation & Repairs To Low-Income Families."


Hmm! It's hard to imagine getting service at a barber that is not live or authentic!


Now there's an offer you probably don't want to accept.


Perhaps one could choke on a slice!


Being a non-recovering bookaholic, I very much enjoyed this bookstore, which did indeed have a number of large iguanas inside. However, it was hard to tell if they were curious.


Just the place for a drink and some witty conversation.


There is no kissing and telling at this makeup store.