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Signs of Life: Part 33

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. These photos were taken during a trip Down Under.


A fish-and-chip shop in North Adelaide, South Australia.


A sign above the sink in the staff kitchen of St Peter's Cathedral in North Adelaide, South Australia.

Despite having lived in that area for 10 years in a previous life, this was my first time visiting the cathedral. An elderly volunteer greeted me at the side entrance, and I jokingly asked her if I was late for morning tea. She said that if I spoke to another volunteer, I could get a guidebook and a cup of tea/coffee. (If you don't ask, you'll never know!) I had a look around; it was pleasant without being austere or too much, and had some nice stained-glass windows. The second volunteer then took me into the staff kitchen where she made me a cup of coffee.


This Aussie burger chain's name includes the word concrete. As best as I could find, "the menu focuses on the simple things—burgers and concretes—and aims to do them perfectly."


An interesting take on William Golding's book "Lord of the Flies."


Well now, this looks like a friendly place to get some ink!


I'm thinking their use of asylum leans more toward "lunatic asylum" rather than "safe haven."


Wow, a ridgy-didge Aussie pizza place! It looks like the swagman from Waltzing Matilda is camped by a billabong eating a pizza with a wallaby.


An Aussie chain of bottle shops (US: liquor stores).


Hmm! Just what does Australia taste like?

Frankly, if you didn't grow up with Vegemite on your dummy (US: baby pacifier), you likely won't ever aquire a taste for it.


Although I've long been a fan of FruChocs (dried apricot and peach paste, coated in milk chocolate), I'm not sure I want to eat them in a fondue.


I can understand that after having drank here you might be caffeined, but then one meaning of fiend is "addict or fanatic."


"Ankle biter" is Aussie slang for a young , possibly annoying, child.


Parking place reserved for Mums (US: Moms) with small children.


Here's one idea about exercise!


From my home town of Loxton, South Australia.


BTW, the Men's Shed movement started in Australia.


Now it's always wise to give way to cattle in the Aussie Outback, but for some unknown reason, some young Aussie guys feel the need to shoot .22 rifle bullets into road signs.


If you have ever driven through areas with livestock, you'll be used to opening and closing gates. And the rule is to leave a gate as you found it, open or closed.


That's a very long way to have to pay close attention as to what is hopping across the road in front of you, especially at dawn, dusk, or night when visibility is low.


My older brother had a 75-pound kangaroo "come out of nowhere" and right through the front windscreen (US: windshield) of his car while he was driving at 60 miles-per-hour (100 kph) on a paved highway. Don't you just hate that when that happens!