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Signs of Life: Part 34

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some, mostly from a trip to Australia.


Yes, you read correctly, poo, as in poop! Fortunately, no poo was actually included.


Like a good Aussie, I "gave it a go" and it was quite tasty!


When you are driving on the Barrier Highway, you can indeed be "a long way from anywhere," as this sign shows. And although the distances are in kilometers, that's still a bloody long way!


And speaking of driving in remote areas, it can be a long time between drinks!


Some interesting additions to signs west of Broken Hill, Australia.


Perhaps this place is run by aging outlaws!


As they say, "Whatever floats your boat!"


Well, I've certainly heard of the term "Every Tom, Dick and Harry," but I'm thinking these guys are not just anyone!


When you are really hungry, there's nothing quite like a feral feast!


BTW, a quandong is a fruit found in the Aussie desert.


Just the place to catch up with the local news.


An unusual name for a wine-producing company. According to the founder, "I want to create wines that are a tribute to the strong women and men in my family. With five matriarchs and their amazing rogue husbands it isn't hard."


This Renmark, Australia, business rents houseboats.


Ah, now I see where I went wrong!


Of course, James makes hand-crafted rings and other jewelry.


That sounds quite serious!


More words of wisdom.


He never was famous like his older brother, the Lone Ranger.


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  • Daniela

    1/19/2024 8:53:02 AM | Reply

    Great pics Rex, they gave me a giggle !
    only in Australia...Wink

  • Lori

    1/19/2024 8:32:49 PM | Reply

    Yes, very funny Rex.  Too true in Oz.  Glad you still have happy memories!