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Signs of Life: Part 25

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some from a trip to Munich, Germany, with a day trip to Salzburg, Austria.


Herr Hirsch's piano store (Klavier is piano in German). The keyboard faux awnings were a clever touch.


I never did figure out what this sign was trying to say, but it was on the door of a hookah shop.

[Reviewer John said: Perhaps it is a reference to the hookah-smoking caterpillar in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland where he is rude and confusing.]

In any event, A Google search of "come in we're closed" was illuminating.


This plaza floor was a giant sundial with the church steeple nearby casting a shadow to indicate the time.


Would you buy your menswear at a place with this name? Apparently, someone does!


When you are a regular customer at the famous Hofbrauhaus, you keep your beer stein there, under lock-and-key. There were thousands of them in racks in several rooms.


An unusual name for a German womenswear store.


Music, anyone?


Sign outside a candy store.


What caught my eye in this public garden was the prohibition on street musicians and entertainers.


According to Wikipedia, "A love lock or love padlock is a padlock that sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, monument, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically the sweethearts' names or initials, and perhaps the date, are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away (often into a nearby river) to symbolize unbreakable love."


In this neighborhood in Salzburg, all store signs were of the old-guild type, which signify the nature of the product sold therein. No guess as what this one sold.


While I do like my chocolate, I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far!


If you are in a German-speaking area in the weeks leading up to Christmas, look out for a Christmas Market.

"Get your potato slices, chicken wings, sweetcorn, ribs, and hot drinks at this stall!"


In the world-famous Getreidegasse in the heart of Salzburg, Austria, in the immediate vicinity of Mozart's birthplace.


Salzburg, Austria: "A [clothing] collection for women who like fine materials, play with contrasts and enjoy true fashion."


A clash of food cultures!