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Signs of Life: Part 35

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some from trips to Australia and around Virginia, USA.


An ad for Telstra, one of Australia's phone companies.

Now I saw this in January of 2019, by which time I'd lived away from that country for nearly 40 years. And I had no idea what a frog cake was even though it was invented in my home state!

According to Wikipedia, it's "an Australian dessert in the shape of a frog's head, composed of sponge cake and cream covered with fondant (a form of icing)."

Apparently, they are quite popular, so sell rather quickly.


Now all dinky-di (genuine/true blue, that is) Aussies love eating Vegemite. Indeed, a classic Aussie sandwich has Vegemite, cheese, and lettuce. (My American-born son was the only kid in his class here in the US who brought one of these to school. And no-one ever stole his lunch more than once!)

Now the traditional approach is to spread that tasty yeast extract on bread, but why not have dry crackers in the shape of 'Strayla containg Vegemite and cheese?


A vanity license plate from South Australia.

Just the thing for that young tiara-wearing Princess!


A used-clothing store.


It's not often you see a blue cow wearing good-old Aussie Ugg boots.


It's sad to see a Mercedes whose owner can't afford to make the proper repairs. Also, the paintwork on the bonnet (US: hood) shows general neglect.


For those who have their priorities straight!

BTW, did you hear about the world's laziest man? He was lying by the river with his fishing pole in the water, with a big fish hooked. Some kids passing by told him to pull in the fish before it got away. He said he was too lazy, so they suggested that if he had some kids, they could do it for him. But then he wondered where he might find a pregnant woman!




License plate on the SUV of an enthusiastic off-roader!


After I'd paid the cover charge, I realized this was not quite what I expected the place to be. (It pays to read the small print!)


The sign gives absolutely no idea as to what the organization does, but according to their website, "Righters Group exists, first and foremost, to make America a better place—both for ourselves and our kids and grandkids. We do that by helping only the most deserving and effective conservative/libertarian clients raise the millions of dollars they need to fight for a freer future for all Americans.





Do you suppose Counsellor Crook is a defense attorney who defends crooks?