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Signs of Life: Part 24

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From time to time during my travels, I come across signs that I find interesting for one reason or another. Sometimes, they contain clever writing, are humorous, or remind me of some place or event. Here are some from a trip to San Francisco, California.


Well now, apparently there is a market for everything!


Now don't say that you weren't warned!


Well, if I'm already standing at this point, I guess I'm in danger!


I saw this on a moving van parked at the beach. To be sure, the two (friendly) guys having lunch in the cab looked like Heavy Metal music fans, complete with tattoos.


I guessed that this was one of the poor, homeless people who could barely afford to clothe herself.


Out of all the languages spoken in the SF area, only English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian were covered by this beach sign.


Sign outside a "Women's clothing & accessories boutique offering flirty vintage & vintage-inspired designs. "


Come on in and bring your pet with you! (And, NO, it was NOT a bring-your-own Chinese or Korean restaurant!)


The name of a company that provides portable toilets.


I have just one question for you: "Is your Mom worth more dead than alive?"

Beware your seemingly well-meaning kids!


As George Orwell might have written, "All drivers are equal, but some drivers are more equal than others!"


"No 3-legged, black dogs allowed!" But perhaps I am being too literal. More likely it means, "No doggies going potty, thankyou."


An up-scale apartment complex, actually called "L Seven" although like you, I first saw what looked like an upside-down 7.

BTW, rent started at only US$3,450/per month!


The first parking meter I recall seeing that took a credit card. At least it still took coins as well, something many no longer do; they just operate via a text message from a mobile phone.


Just the thing to have in your neighborhood when you get arrested. And open all hours as well; very convenient.


What more comfortable place to sleep than a feathered nest!